Why Powerflush Your Central Heating System?

If you're unsure as to what powerflushing is and how it can help your home, then look no further...

What is powerflushing?

Powerflushing helps improve the efficiency of a home's central heating system by removing sludge, rust and other debris that has built up inside the system. How? Water and other cleansing and immobilising agents are pushed through the central heating system and all of the build up is dislodged and flushed out. 

There are lots of benefits that come from powerflushing your central heating system...

What are the benefits of powerflushing?

Radiators perform better and last longer 

Powerflushing your central heating system can improve the efficiency and lifespan of your radiators. How? When all of the build up is pushed out, so too are the cold spots that are otherwise blocking heat escaping your radiators. Removing this build up not only helps your room warm up faster, it also helps remove substances that might cause long term damage to the health of your radiators. 

Reduced Energy Bills 

Powerflushing can easily help cut the cost of your energy bills. How? Linked to the point above, where build up is removed, it allows for the easy passage of steam through the central heating system. This means that your boiler needn't produce more heat to warm your radiators, helping you save money on your energy bills!

Long-term Results 

Power flushing isn't a short-term impact and the results can be long-lasting for your central heating system. It is usually recommended that your central heating system is powerflushed every 5 to 10 Years. So, worry not that you'll need power flushing again any time soon! Also, when weighing out the costs of the service compared to the possible length of energy saving results, its great value for money! 

Improved Efficiency 

Of course, by powerflushing your central heating system, there will be an improvement on the central heating system and radiators. By receiving this service, they will operate and function a lot more efficiently and perform a lot better, like you once remember them too. 

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