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If you've ever noticed your radiators producing unusual sounds or cold spots that just won't warm up; or maybe it feels as though your radiators are taking longer and longer to heat up - Then it may be that its time to consider power flushing for the radiators in your home. Over time, sludge, rust and other debris can collect and build up throughout the central heating system. Ultimately making your central heating system less efficient and could even cause future damages and repair expenses. If you'd like to know more about power flushing and the benefits involved then get in touch today! Here at Smart Gas, we're available via our phone number on, 01924 734530 or 07900 417080.

What Are The Benefits of Power Flushing?

The benefits of power flushing your central heating system are great and you'll be surprised at just how effective these advtanges and benefits can be for you and your home. 

To begin with, have you ever considered how long-lasting power flushing your central heating system can be? Well, power flushing is a service that is often only required every 5 to 10 Years. So if you put the cost of a power flushing service into comparison with a full central heating repair or new installation, then its obvious that power flushing outweighs this. 

In addition to this, you can actually reduce your energy bills by power flushing your central heating system and making it more powerful and efficient. As the sludge, rust and debris builds up in the central heating system, you will notice the efficiency and performance of your radiators to diminish which will cause additional energy bills expenses. Minimise your energy bills with a power flushing service. 

Finally, you can improve the the lifespan of your central heating system with a power flushing service as it can remove magnetite sludge, lessen boiler noise, increase pump life and cleans the whole heating system. This cleansing process can also prevent hydrogen gases from building up to avoid radiator corrosion. 

Need Power Flushing in Heckmondwike? 

Get in touch with us today here at Smart Gas and find out how exactly we can help with power flushing. We're available, via our phone number on, 01924 734530 or 07900 417080 or email: smartgasheating@outlook.com; or even our contact form. If you'd like to see the work we've done for our previous customers, check out the gallery page on our website. If you'd like to hear what our customers had to say, see our reviews page

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