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Our powerflushing service

If you have ever noticed unusual sounds coming from your radiators, or cold spots that just wont go, or maybe a feeling that your radiators are taking longer and longer to reach temperature, then it might be time to consider powerflushing your radiators. 

Where does the sludge come from?

Over time, sludge, rust and other debris can collect and build up throughout a central heating system. This build up reduces the efficiency of your central heating system by limiting the amount of steam that can pass through the pipes. Long term, this build up could cause future damages and repair expenses. 

How to remove the sludge from your radiators?

If you have tried bleeding your radiators to no avail, we would recommend a powerflush. When we powerflush your central heating system, we will inject water throughout the pipework, along with other cleansing and immobilising agents, at a high velocity in an effort to remove all of the built up debris. Powerflushing is extremely effective and the results are noticeable immediately after. 

What are the benefits of powerflushing?

There are lots of benefits that come from powerflushing your central heating system... 

  • Powerflushing is a service that is often only required every 5 to 10 Years. So, if you put the cost of a powerflush against the cost of a new system, it's obvious which comes out in first! 
  • You can reduce your energy bills by powerflushing your central heating system. As the sludge, rust and debris builds up in the central heating system, you'll notice that radiators take longer to heat up and that they'll struggle to reach the correct temperature. Minimise your energy bills with a powerflush instead by improving the performance of your central heating system. 
  • You can improve the lifespan of your central heating system with a powerflush by lessening boiler noise, increasing the pump life and cleansing the whole heating system. This cleansing process can also prevent hydrogen gases from building up to avoid radiator corrosion. 

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