The Benefits Of Regularly Servicing Your Boiler

It’s important to look after your boiler so that it can look after you; like during the cold winter months, for instance. You can do this by booking a regular boiler service with your a heating engineer; boiler servicing can have several benefits: A reduction in downtime, greater boiler efficiencies, improved safety, maintenance of the guarantee and more, each of which are explored in further detail below…

Parts of what is included in a boiler service

-   Check for potential leakages

-   Assess the pressure of gas and ensure that it is still being released at a safe/efficient level

-   Removal of the boiler casing to ensure that the main components are functioning correctly

-   Comprehensive clean of the boiler parts as required


Save money and downtime

First, heating engineers can check to see if your boiler is running to its optimum standard by checking for fuel wastage. Not only will this lower the carbon footprint of the entire household, it will also lower your energy bills in the long-term.

Second, a boiler that is serviced can be checked for smaller issues, which if left otherwise untouched, might turn into expensive problems and result in the need for an expensive repair/boiler replacement further down the line. Not to forget, should you need to repair/replace your boiler, you will likely be without one for a short while. Getting your boiler regularly serviced can minimise this risk.

Stay in compliance with the law

If you are a landlord, it is a legal requirement to ensure that all gas-enabled appliances in the home that were provided when the tenants first moved in are checked on a yearly basis by a qualified heating engineer.


Boilers are dangerous. The UK Department of Health published an article that stated over 4,000 people were treated for poisoning by carbon monoxide in 2013, where most of these incidences came from faulty central heating systems – directly from a faulty boiler. If you get your boiler regularly serviced, you can safeguard against this dangerous risk!

Maintain the guarantee

Whilst boiler manufacturers offer extensive complimentary guarantees with a number of their products, most also state that the boiler must be subject to at least one boiler service per year. You can benefit from all of the above and ensure that in the event that your boiler does breakdown, you’ll be covered by the guarantee too.

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