Signs of a Plumbing Problem in Your New Build Property

There’s no place like home, and if you’ve recently moved into a new build property you will likely be enjoying the many benefits a new home brings. From freshly plastered and painted walls to a brand new kitchen, a new build home comes with lots of benefits, including being the first people to live in it! 

Sometimes, however, there can be additional issues with new build homes, largely just teething problems that require sorting out or snagging. These can range from cracks in the walls to problems with the plumbing, but help is at hand. 

If you’re in a new build, looking out for the following signs will help get them dealt with as quickly as possible, minimising disruption and damage. If you spot any of the following and would like support, just let us know. We have in-depth knowledge of all plumbing and heating and are experienced in new builds. 

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Why do plumbing problems occur with new builds? 

There are lots of advantages to the plumbing in a new build - such as knowing everything is new and likely to last a number of years. This is especially true of boilers and hot water cylinders which are expensive to replace, and also of any integrated plumbing appliances that may have been included in your sale, such as a dishwasher.

However, sometimes with new builds problems aren’t spotted until the house is lived in, and because you’re the first one to truly test the plumbing, unfortunately you’re the one that needs to address any issues!

These can include: 

  • Leaks - small or large 
  • Weak water pressure 
  • Water draining slowly or not at all 
  • Cloudy water 
  • Sudden higher water bills 
  • Bad sewer-type smells 
  • Central heating not working correctly

What to do if you spot any of these signs

Don’t panic, but do get them sorted as quickly as possible. Some issues may be minor, for example a slow drain can usually be solved very quickly. Cloudy water can be a sign of air in the pipes, which again may not be a big job to sort. 

Bad odours can occur if there is a vent problem, this can happen during the fix of the house, if something hasn’t been connected properly so the waste from your toilet isn’t exiting your home as it should. This can be sorted, but needs doing so as soon as possible. 

Some leaks may be easy to spot, but others may be behind a wall and the only sign is a higher water bill. With new builds, this could have happened due to a poor connection or a pipe breaking after installation, but your plumber can investigate and aim to find and fix the leak in your home.

New build trouble? Call Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating

We want to make sure you feel as happy as possible in your new build house, and our professional team can help ensure this is the case. Plumbing problems are never nice to deal with, especially when you have recently moved. 

The experienced team at Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating are qualified, hard working and reliable - always ready to help a new homeowner in distress!

We’re also: 

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  • Gas Safe registered - so able to work with all gas appliances including your boiler and central heating system. 
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Solving new build plumbing problems in West Yorkshire 

If you have a problem with the plumbing in your new build home we can help you get it sorted. We work smartly and speedily, minimising disruption to your home and your day, and we’re fully insured to work in your home. 

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