Which Type of Boiler is More Energy Efficient?

Replacing your boiler can feel like a daunting task for many. This is because, as well as accounting for the cost of it, there are also so many choices to consider. If you’re switching boilers you don’t need to go like for like, so you may decide that it’s best for your home to change the type of boiler providing your heating. You may decide to go for one with a more powerful output, or one with a smaller amount of oomph to it. With so much to consider, it can be hard knowing where to begin.

Boilers and energy-efficiency

One of the most important factors in choosing a new boiler is its energy-efficiency. Previously, and indeed perhaps with your current boiler, energy-efficiency wasn’t guaranteed. Many older boilers work at just approximately 70% efficiency, but the law has changed in a bid to limit damage to the planet and ensure that the fuel needed to power boilers is reduced.

Now the law states that new boilers that are manufactured must be designed to be condensing boilers. This means that your new boiler will reuse some of its energy, recycling fuel and reaching higher efficiency levels. Newer boilers are often considered to be 90% efficient and are given an A-rating for efficiency. Boiler efficiency can range from A through to G, to give you some idea of what this means in practice.

Is a combi, conventional or system boiler most efficient?

We explain the difference below, and how efficiently each can work.

Combi boilers

Combination or combi boilers are well known for their efficiency because they heat water directly as you need it, negating the need for storing it in a cylinder and therefore avoiding waste. This makes them extremely efficient, and they are well worth considering if they suit what your family and home needs. Although a combi boiler can save you money on your bills due to less waste and working so efficiently, they do have their limits. One main issue some people have with combi boilers is that they can only pipe water to one single source, so don’t really suit families who have more than one bathroom or have a large demand for hot water. 

Regular boilers

Regular boilers are also referred to as traditional or conventional boilers sometimes but they mean the same thing. A regular boiler doesn’t heat hot water instantly, like a combi. Rather, with a regular boiler you’ll need to turn your hot water on and wait for it to heat it up or programme it with a timer. The upside to this, though, is water can be stored in a hot water cylinder for use throughout the day and you can use hot water in multiple rooms at the same time. This can make regular boilers a better option than a combi for bigger families and those with more than one bathroom. A regular boiler also works with a cold water tank, usually situated in the loft. 

System boilers

System boilers are similar to regular boilers in that they heat water in advance and store it in a cylinder, however they don’t require a water tank. This has the potential to make them more energy-efficient, while still catering for larger families or multiple bathrooms. You may also have the option to integrate a solar thermal system with your system boiler, adding another level of energy-efficiency. 

In summary…

The main thing to remember with a new boiler and efficiency, is that is should be a condensing boiler and A-rated. A condensing boiler can be a combi, system or regular - whichever best suits your needs, taking into account the size of your home and family. So long as it is an A-rated condensing boiler it should be energy-efficient, so long as you use your hot water and heating wisely, and don’t waste what you don’t need.

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