What Time of the Year is the Best to Install a New Boiler?

Sometimes there is no opportunity to time the installation of your new boiler. If your boiler packs up completely and refuses to switch back on, you need to get heat and hot water back into your home as soon as possible - whatever time of year it is. 

However, at other times, you may be able to plan for a new boiler installation. For example, if you are refurbishing an older property, or know your boiler is getting old and has had some problems recently, you can start to plan in advance for a new one. There are a couple of advantages to this, namely being able to budget and have time to research the boiler you want. Another benefit is getting some say in the time of year your old boiler is removed and a new one is fitted. We explain more below.

Does it matter what time of year my new boiler is installed? 

At Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating, one of our main jobs is installing new boilers for homeowners, and we carry this work out throughout the year. A new boiler can be installed in any of the four seasons, and a boiler is needed all year round so we’d never suggest waiting for a certain time of year if yours is no longer functioning.

However, because there is some necessary temporary disruption when your old boiler is removed and your new one is fitted, some people prefer to have their new boiler installation undertaken in spring or summer. This is because, if they’re left without heat or hot water for a short period, they’d rather it wasn’t during the colder winter season. 

However, as we said above, you can’t always choose - particularly when your boiler has experienced a fatal breakdown. If you need a new boiler installed, the team at Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating will always try to carry out the work with the least disruption to your home possible so if it’s a winter installation we try to minimise your time without heat. We will explain a little more about the boiler installation process in the next section.

How long does it take to install a new boiler? 

Some boiler installations can be done in a day, but this depends on a few factors. The first stage of the installation is safely disconnecting and removing the old boiler. Next, if you are switching like for like, the fit can begin. This means that if you previously had a regular boiler and are having another regular boiler, the installation will usually be pretty straightforward. As part of their quote, your engineer will have looked at all the parts of your central heating system, including the cold water tank and hot water cylinder to check they are ok and don’t need replacing alongside your boiler. If they don’t, the engineer can install your new boiler and connect everything to your other existing elements. While you’ll still be without heat or hot water for the duration of the fit, it usually doesn’t take more than a day. 

Boiler installations can take longer if you’re switching to a different type of boiler. Changing the type of boiler in your home can have many benefits, for example if you’ve previously had a regular boiler but now only require a combi because your children have grown up and moved out, so you need less hot water. In these cases, your tank and cylinder will need removing, and the boiler may switch location as well.

More complicated installations such as this, plus factors like whether you’re having new radiators installed or not, can increase the time the full installation takes to two or three days. However, your engineer should be able to give more specific guidance on time once they’ve carried out a home inspection prior to the fit. 

Whether you’re changing boiler type or not, as part of the installation the engineer will ensure your boiler is fully connected and communicating effectively with your thermostat, sending hot water round your house for you to enjoy the benefit of.

Boiler installation you can trust in West Yorkshire 

If you’re considering having a new boiler, Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating can help whatever the time of year. Our experienced Gas Safe registered engineers cover the areas of Heckmondwike, Batley, Cleckheaton, Dewsbury and Mirfield, delivering a trusted and expert service every time. 

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