Top Signs That You Need To Get Your Bathroom Refurbished

The average person in the UK spends 1 and ½ years in the bathroom. That’s why we think it’s one of, if not the most important room in the home. As such, we think it’s imperative to look after it and ensure that it’s the best looking room in the home too. But when is the right time? Below we’ve outlined a number of signs to let you know that now is the right time for a bathroom refurbishment.

You’re sick of the sight of it

The most obvious sign of them all; if you hate going into your bathroom or you’re ashamed of letting people into your bathroom, it’s definitely time for a refurbishment.

Changing family circumstances

If your family has grown smaller, maybe it’s time to customise the bathroom to suit your own needs and tastes. On the other hand, if your family has grown larger and you’ve now got a few small children running around the home, maybe its time to add a bigger bath or a double sink to make the morning routine that little bit easier.

Out-dated decoration

Design and decoration trends move on fast. If you last updated your bathroom 10-15 years ago, it might seem like you’re walking through a time machine. If this is the case, it might be time to strip the old tiles and floorboards and replace them with some new modern décor.

Out-dated technology

Design and decoration trends move on fast, but so do technology trends. If you haven’t updated your bathroom for the past 10-15 years, there are plenty of new innovative technologies that your bathroom could benefit from. For instance, you could take advantage of eco-friendly self-flush toilets, heated floors or sensor taps. Think about how much you could show-off to your family and friends!

Damp and mould

Mould accumulates where the moisture in the air is unable to escape due to bad circulation in the room. If this problem persists, it could cause damp throughout the home and slowly escalate into a more serious problem. It’s important to get this resolved fast if this is the case.

You’ve moved home

People have different tastes and you might hate the bathroom that you’ve inherited from the previous tenants. Get the bathroom refurbished and turn their home into your home. Once the new bathroom is installed, you can think about the other rooms after.

Your bathroom is untidy

Smaller bathrooms can be a nightmare with regards to storage space. You might have to leave appliances scattered over the room or go to another room to complete the morning routine. In these circumstances, we always recommend smaller, more compact storage units or conjoined sink/storage units. Give our Heckmondwike offices a call to explore these options further.

Faulty plumbing work

If you’re tired of the tap and shower leaking water halfway through the night, it’s definitely time to get it fixed. We specialise in both bathroom installation and all types of plumbing work so we can complete the job from start-to-finish.

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