Should You Repair or Replace Your Boiler

In this blog post, we've created a list of considerations to make before you go ahead with either repairing or replacing your current boiler. As your boiler is a huge investment in your home, its better to make your decisions carefully to ensure you're making the right choice. Before we jump right into this blog post, if you'd like to find out how we can help with your boiler needs; there is more information about services over on our services page. Alternatively, you can give us a call via our phone number on, 07900 417080

Always Consider Safety First 

First thing first, it is crucial that you consider safety before making any decisions on your boiler. What do this mean? Simply put, you want to make sure your boiler can be safely repaired or if it is best to replace it. You should get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer who can help with knowing if boiler is repairable or needs replacing. This is also important as even if your boiler is repairable, it could still be prone to regular problems; thus, replacing your boiler might be the best option. 

Once you've had a Gas Safe registered engineer help with your boiler to make sure its repairable and is safe to continue using or needs replacing, you should consider the next points below. If your boiler is better off being replacing, find out how we can help with our boiler installation service

The Costs of a Repair

With repairing your current boiler, it depends on a couple of things to consider; for instance, if your boiler is much older, it could be that the parts required to carry out the repair are hard to find. This means that ultimately, your boiler repair could be less cost-effective than simply replacing it. 

However, its worth mentioning that if the repair of your boiler is straightforward, then a repair of your boiler could be the best route to take. Also, as newer boilers come with extended warranties and guarantees, this means that sometimes the parts and labour involved in the repair are covered by this; making the repair simple and straightforward. If you're considering having your boiler repaired, why not find out more about our boiler repair service here at Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating. 

Replacing Your Boiler Could Reduce Your Energy Bills

Finally, believe it or not, you could save money and reduce the costs of your energy bills by replacing your older boiler with a newer boiler. How? Well, even if the issues/faults with your current, older boiler could be repaired; long-term, a newer boiler would operate a lot more efficiently in your home and potentially reduce your energy bills. In addition to reducing your energy bills and having a more efficient boiler, you could also add value to your property if you ever decide to sell and move home. 


Above are just a few of the considerations you need to think about before going ahead with repairing or replacing your current boiler. It is also worth mentioning that you should have a Gas Safe registered engineer help you with choosing the best route for your boiler. Below you can find more contact details, so why not get in touch with us here at Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating and find out how we can help? 

Considering Repairing or Replacing Your Boiler in Heckmondwike? 

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