Should I hire a Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

The plumbing in your home is an essential part of what makes where you live a pleasant, warm and comfortable place to be. Plumbing is anything associated with the pipes and water in your home, and when something goes wrong it can cause major disruption to your day. The same goes for your heating system, as nobody wants to be without a working boiler.

We all rely on a working toilet, a warm home and hot running water, for example, and if it’s taken away it’s never fun for anyone!

Whether the plumbing or heating issue is major or minor, you’ll be keen to get it resolved as quickly as possible so that life can get back to normal and you can once again relax in your home. 

With plumbing and heating, while they may fall under the same umbrella, when there is an issue they aren’t always rectified by the same tradesperson. Below we explain the times when you should call a plumber and the times when you need a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. 

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When to call a plumber

If something goes wrong with the pipes and water appliances in your home, a plumber is who you need to call. So whether it’s a broken dishwasher or washing machine, or a leaking or burst pipe, a plumber has the experience, skills and know-how to fully investigate.

Plumbers are also able to replace taps, fix showers, fit bathrooms and kitchen sinks, repair toilet systems and much more! A plumber will use their expertise to check the issue in your home and repair or replace any parts necessary. A plumber will let you know what’s happening, inform you on timeframes for fixing and help make the plumbing in your home healthy again. 

When to call a heating engineer

Heating engineers are the only people qualified to carry out work on your central heating system. Usually this relates to your gas boiler, but also includes work on your radiators and thermostat too. While a plumber has lots of skills, if they haven’t undertaken qualifications in heating and aren’t Gas Safe registered, they don’t have the specialist knowledge required to work safely on your gas central heating system.

If you have a problem with your boiler, need to get it serviced or are thinking of having a new one installed, a Gas Safe registered heating engineer is the tradesperson you need to call. They have the relevant skills and experience to identify any issues, carry out repairs, replace parts and fit and service new units.

Can someone be a heating engineer and a plumber?

Yes, absolutely. In many cases plumbers are also qualified heating engineers, but you do need to check the tradesperson’s skills and experience before you hire them. Here at Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating, we have in-depth plumbing know-how as well as being Gas Safe registered heating engineers. So whatever you need, we can help!

Why is it important to be Gas Safe registered?

Being Gas Safe registered is essential as it proves an engineer has had their qualifications and experience checked and approved. It means an engineer is able to safely work with the gas appliances in your home, including boilers, as they have the required specialist knowledge and skills.

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