Reasons to Always Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

What actually is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is an online website, including a list of all qualified engineers in the UK, as well as stating all the rules and regulations they must follow to be an official member. The register replaced CORGI as the official governing body for England, in 2009 as it introduced a much better and modernised set of guidelines.

What is a Gas Safe Engineer?

A Gas Safe engineer is an engineer on the Gas Safe Register, as simple as it may sound! The basics of being on the register proves to customers that you have been correctly trained and are qualified to work safely and efficiently with boilers, fires, cookers and any other domestic gas appliance; making them a lot more confident about letting you work in their home. To be on the Gas Safe Register, engineers have a strict set of guidelines to follow, in order to keep the customer safe, as well as ensuring a high level of quality with every job.

Why should I hire a Gas Safe engineer?


Gas appliances can be very dangerous and have the potential to leak carbon monoxide, start a house fire or explode. You may think these occurrences are rare and yes, the risks are generally uncommon but your chances of something going wrong increases considerably when an unqualified worker has been servicing or repairing your boiler (or any other gas appliance). These risks can occur with no warning signs, so it is vital you only hire a Gas Safe engineer. 


The Register requires all work to be carried out to the highest standard, as we want the customer to be happy with the work they receive. Our gas engineers don’t cut any corners with their work, keeping you safe and giving you something to you know you can rely on for years to come. 


We offer an efficient and highly professional service, so you’re satisfied every time. However, at Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating, we know problems can arise and things don’t go to plan. We understand that sometimes customers are left unhappy with work that has been carried out. It is easy to report any problems you have experienced, and all issues are resolved as thoroughly as possible. By being on the register, engineers have to co-operate with any investigations that come as a result of negative feedback. 

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