Pros and Cons of a Regular Boiler

If you’re thinking about having a new boiler installed then your head may well be spinning with the various options available. While it’s great to have so much choice, upgrading your boiler can be a confusing process as you try to find the type, size and brand that’s right for your needs and the needs of your family. 

At Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating we understand this, and in this post we use our specialist boiler know-how to put you in the picture about regular boilers. Below we explain what a regular boiler is, the advantages and disadvantages of having one in your home, and some other options you can also consider.

What is a regular boiler

You may also hear regular boilers called traditional or conventional boilers, but these three names refer to the same type of boiler. A regular gas boiler could be considered the original gas boiler, and if you had central heating in your home when you grew up, it was probably powered by a regular boiler.

They work alongside a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank, which is usually situated in the loft space. Regular boilers suit larger homes and families or homes with more than one bathroom.  

Pros of a regular boiler

There are many advantages to having a regular boiler installed. Here are the main ones:

They hold lots of hot water in their cylinder, so can store most of what you need for throughout the day.

They work with a timer so you can programme them to heat water at a time that’s convenient to you.

They can provide hot water to more than one source at once, so you can run a bath at the same time as a shower or water for washing the pots. 

If you already have a regular boiler, replacing one for another is fairly simple.

They are widely available, in a choice of sizes from different boiler manufacturers.

Cons of a regular boiler

As with most purchases, however, there are some disadvantages to opting for a regular boiler, such as:

Because they work with a cold water tank, they take up a lot of space. If you’re considering a loft conversion in the future a regular boiler isn’t a good idea.

They don’t heat water instantly, instead you have to switch it on manually and wait, or programme it to heat hot water at set times.

If you’re having a regular boiler installed from scratch, including tank, they can be expensive.

There is a risk of energy waste, due to leaving hot water sitting in the cylinder rather than the boiler just heating what you need.

What other boiler options are there?

In brief, the two other main boiler choices if you’re planning an upgrade are:

System boilers

System boilers offer pretty much the same benefits of a regular boiler, although they work without a water tank. They also need timing to heat water, where it is stored in a hot water cylinder until needed. They suit homes with more than one bathroom and families who need a lot of hot water, and allow multiple hot water sources to be used at once. Because they don’t need a tank, they are potentially easier to maintain and a preferred option, storage wise.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are all-in-one systems, working without a cold water tank or a hot water cylinder. A combi boiler runs from just one compact boiler unit, piping its water directly from the mains. With a combi boiler, there’s no wait for hot water as it is heated instantly, this can make them potentially very energy-efficient. The downside to a combi boiler is they can only send hot water to one source at once, so if you are having a shower somebody else can’t run the hot water in the kitchen. The pressure for a combi is also set by the mains, so you need to check what it is like in your area before you commit. 

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