Important Considerations For New Boilers

We understand that boiler replacements can be expensive, that’s why it’s highly important to purchase the correct one. We’re hopeful that this post will offer our customers across Batley and Heckmondwike some insight into what makes the most appropriate boiler and prepare you for when you need to get one installed.

Type of boiler

Before anything else, it’s important to think about which type of boiler is most suitable for your home. There are three different types of boiler…

Conventional boiler

Conventional boilers need more storage space in comparison to the other two types. This is because there needs to be room for a cold-water storage tank in the loft, room for a hot water cylinder and room for the boiler too. Conventional boilers are appropriate for households where there is a high demand for warm water, usually where there are two or more bathrooms.

System boiler

System boilers are appropriate for households where there is no room in the loft to accommodate a cold-water storage tank and as such, can be seen as a direct replacement for those that can’t make room for a conventional boiler. Likewise, system boilers are also appropriate for households where there is a high demand for water.

Combination boiler

As the name suggests, combination boilers are significantly smaller in size and combine all of the important components into one compact unit. They function by heating water directly from the mains. They are popular across the UK and are predominantly installed in smaller households where the demand for water is relatively low.

Boiler manufacturer

It is equally important to consider which boiler manufacturer is most appropriate for your needs. Different boiler manufacturers have different benefits. For instance, Worcester-bosch are recognised for their brand name and their customer support, ATAG are recognised for their extended warrantees and Glow-worm are recognised for their low prices. What is more important to you?

Position and size of the boiler

The size of the boiler will mostly depend on the type of boiler chosen, but it can also depend on the insulation and air tightness within the household. Similarly, whilst it is difficult to change the position of the boiler, you can alter the position of the flue, particularly useful if it is located in an irritating place.

Of course, if you need assistance with choosing the correct boiler for your home and would like to rely on some professional advice instead, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We offer our boiler installation services throughout Heckmondwike, Batley and all of the surrounding areas. Feel free to give us a call on 01924614075 or fill out our contact form. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.