How to Prevent Condensation and Damp When Using Your Heating

Have you been noticing damp and condensation creeping into your home over the winter months, as your heating has been on every day? Not to worry, these tips will show you how to eliminate damp and condensation in your home, even while using your heating. 

How do you know if your home has damp, being caused by condensation?

There are three main types of damp: Rising damp, penetrating damp and (most commonly) damp caused by condensation. The moisture in the air condenses on the windows, walls and furniture, due to the temperature in the room. The signs of damp are most obvious in rooms where water is used most often, such as the bathroom or kitchen.  Some common and easy to spot signs include peeling wallpaper, mould around the windows, damp or musky smell and water droplets on the windows or walls.

How do you prevent damp caused by condensation?

If there is already mould in your home, this should be removed before you work on further prevention. It can usually be removed easily with a cloth and supermarket anti-fungal solution. Once all mould has been removed, you can start working on ways to prevent it in the future. The easiest way is through your heating.

How to heat your home adequately...

During the winter months, make sure your home is warm enough to dry out any condensation lingering in the air. It is best to keep a low level of heat going in all rooms, even ones you don't frequently use. You should also refrain from switching your heating on and off- it should be left on at a low level constantly.

Other ways to reduce damp

  • Make sure your washing machine and tumble dryer are vented correctly
  • Make sure all your ventilation is open and not covered or blocked
  • Fix any water leaks
  • Use the bathroom and kitchen extractor fans, if you have one fitted
  • Do not press furniture against the walls, try to leave at least a small gap
  • Check all your windows have double glazing

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