How to Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators is one of many options available for keeping on top of your central heating system. Sometimes our radiators require bleeding as trapped air can gradually build up. The results of bleeding your radiators means that it should improve the efficiency of your central heating system. Noticed cold spots on your radiators? Worry not, read on and find out how to bleed your radiators. 

Identify the Problem 

First and foremost, you can't successfully bleed the radiators in your home without diagnosing the problem. There are a few warning signs that your radiators may need bleeding to improve the efficiency. These signs range from cold spots to the radiators just taking longer and longer to warm up properly.

Check Over Your Radiators

Now that you've identified that in fact, the radiators require bleeding, you should turn your central heating on and assess each radiator throughout your home. You can to acknowledge any inconsistencies with the warmth.

Switch The Heating Off 

If you're not expecting a lot of water on the floor, this point is vital for ensuring that doesn't happen. You should make sure that the central heating is turned off before you begin to bleed your radiators.

Release the Air 

Once the heating is off, you will need a radiator key. If you do not own a radiator key, they can be purchased from a local DIY shop. However, if you do have one, make sure you have a rag before fitting the key to the valve at the top of your radiator. Once you've done this, use a rag to catch the drips and other rag to protect your hands. Finally, start to slowly twist the key anti-clockwise to release the air. 

Shut The Valve 

Once the above is finished, you should hear air escaping, once this lessens, water will be moving towards the hole. Now you should quickly do the valve up to prevent water from going everywhere.

Check the Pressure

Finally, you should check the pressure gauge on the boiler. If you see that the pressure is too low after you have bled the radiator(s), you'll need to top it up. To do so, adjust using the filling loop, with instructions from your boiler manufacture. 

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