How to avoid frozen pipes

During the winter months, it is possible your central heating pipes can frost over, possibly causing them to burst. No one wants to be left without heating, especially not in the winter, so we have listed some easy tips to help you prevent this from happening in your home. 

Don't leave taps running

This sounds simple but can easily be forgotten, especially if you have younger children in the house. Make sure you always switch the taps off- in particular before you leave the house. As obvious as it is, leaving a tap running for a long period of time can create lots of avoidable problems.

Protect outdoor taps

We recommend adding a layer of insulation to your outdoor taps. This doesn't have to be anything complicated and insulated tap covers are widely available for a very small cost. If your outdoor tap is connected to your water mains, insulating it will do wonders to protect your pipes.

Fix leaky taps as soon as possible

Whether the dripping tap is indoors or outdoors, it should be fixed as soon as you see it- especially in the colder months. Dripping taps can encourage your pipes to freeze over, similar to leaving the tap running.

Protect your washing machine pipes

Washing machine hoses can create a number of problems, such as leaks, and it can be easily avoided. Check the hoses at the back of the machine to make sure they are fully secure and in good condition still. lIf there are any issues, they are cheap to buy and simple to replace by yourself, so it is worth making sure they are still in good shape.

Ensure all pipes are correctly lagged

This is the main cause of your pipes freezing in the winter. Pipes that are not lagged, or that are lagged incorrectly, are much more likely to freeze over, causing the water to expand and burst the pipe. Lagging your pipes is no big job, as lagging can be brought cheaply to simply wrap around.

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