Home heating myths

There are lots of myths floating around, telling you the dos and don'ts on how to heat your home- so it can be hard to know which are actually have any truth behind them. We've listed the most common myths you will come across and given you the facts. 

Should you leave your heating on low constantly?

No! The logic is understandable, but it is much better to switch your heating off when you don't need it, rather than leaving it on al the time. This just wastes an unnecessary amount of energy and your home will heat up quick enough when you turn it on. Instead, just put on a few extra layers until your home does get up to temperature.

Should I paint my radiators black?

Painting your radiators a dark colour does not make them more efficient. While dark colours tend to be better at absorbing and radiating heat, adding a layer of paint just makes it harder for your radiators to do their job.

Should I turn the thermostat up to heat the room faster?

No. Turning up your thermostat has no effect on the rate at which your home will heat up. As tempting as it may be to turn the heating up a few degrees when you feel chilly, it has no benefit at all and can leave your home feel uncomfortably hot and stuffy. If your thermostat is set to 30, it will heat up at the same rate as if it were set to 25. Both thermostats will reach 25 at the same time, except the one set at 30 will just carry o heating.

Should I turn up the heating when it's cold outside?

While this does seem logical, there is really no need. If your thermostat is set to 25, it will still heat your home to 25- no matter how cold it is outside. We know it can be tempting, especially when it's snowy outside, but you really don't need to.

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