FAQ's on Boiler Installation

If you’re considering a new boiler installation whether now or in the future, you probably have a lot of questions about it. While your boiler is something you rely on most days, you’re unlikely to fully understand it - because you can’t be the expert in everything! However, because it’s so valuable and important for your home and family’s comfort, it’s important to do your research before committing to a new one.

At Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating, we’re boiler installation specialists, and part of our service is offering expert advice to homeowners considering boiler installation. In the following post we answer some of the questions we hear most often around boiler installation, to help you feel informed and prepared for the process.

And if you have any further questions or would like to arrange a quote, you can contact us online or by calling 01924 734530 or 07900 417080. We work across Heckmondwike and would be happy to offer advice and information to customers around having a new boiler installed. 

What are the benefits of having a new boiler installed in my home?

A new boiler brings with it lots of advantages. While there is undoubtedly an initial cost outlay, a boiler is one of the soundest investments you can make, offering the following benefits:

Improved performance compared with older boilers, reliably heating your radiators and hot water to keep you and your family warm and comfortable in your home.

A reduced risk of boiler breakdowns, due to improved design and new parts. Many boilers also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so if something does go wrong you won’t have to pay for the repair yourself if you have a valid warranty to cover it.

Better energy-efficiency - helping both the planet and your bank balance. A new A-rated boiler provides the same amount of heat and hot water as an older one, but uses a lot less energy to do so. You’ll soon see this benefit reflected in your heating bills, and you can enjoy savings from paying for less energy all through the year.

What’s the cost of boiler installation?

When having a new boiler installed, you can expect to pay anywhere between £1,500-£3,500. We appreciate this is a large variation, but the price depends on a number of factors. These include the type of boiler: combi, system or conventional, whether you need other elements installing: a new tank, cylinder or radiators and the size or output you require: the more water you use and power you need, the bigger the boiler output, which will impact cost.

Different manufacturers are also priced differently, so you’ll pay more for one brand than another. While cost absolutely does have to be a consideration, you usually get what you pay for so it’s best to avoid the very cheap boilers as they’re unlikely to last the distance and may cost you more in the long-term.

What type of boiler should I have installed?

This depends largely on your needs. Smaller homes with one bathroom usually fit well with a combi boiler. These heat water as needed so are very energy efficient. For larger families or homes with more than one bathroom, a system or conventional boiler is usually the best option. This is because they can store a lot of hot water for when needed and allow hot water to be pumped to different outlets at once, such as a shower and bath. 

A conventional boiler works with a cold water tank and hot water cylinder, whereas as a system boiler only requires the cylinder.

What should I look for when searching for a plumber to install my boiler?

Rather than just hiring any plumber to install your boiler, you must make sure the person is a qualified heating engineer. Most heating engineers are also plumbers, but not all plumbers are heating engineers. Confusing, we know! One of the best ways to find out if the person is qualified to fit your boiler is to check they’re Gas Safe registered. This proves their qualifications and experience, and you can also look at their online reviews, details of their past work and ask how much experience they have in the boiler installation industry.

Are you Gas Safe registered and do you have customer reviews?

At Smart Gas, we take your safety seriously and believe in giving 100% service 100% of the time. As such, our team is Gas Safe registered and we clearly display our customer reviews on our website to give people an insight into what it’s like to work with us. 

Do you offer your boiler installation service in Heckmondwike?

We certainly do. Smart Gas Plumbing & Heating are local to Heckmondwike, and are proud to work with homeowners and landlords throughout the area.

Expert boiler installation service in Heckmondwike

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