Always Hire A Professional Bathroom Fitter

The bathroom is one of, if not the most important room in the home. As we’ve uncovered in a previous post, it’s where we in the UK spend 1 and ½ years of our entire lives, so it’s important that it’s kept up looking up to scratch, but who should be tasked with doing this? Do you do it yourself or do you hire a professional bathroom fitter instead? We’d argue that it’s always best to hire a professional bathroom fitter.

Time is important

Bathroom refurbishments take time, even for a professional bathroom fitter and especially so for a DIY one-man band. However, there’s one major difference. Your time could likely be better spent elsewhere. Alleviate the time and stress that comes with bathroom refurbishments and hand it over to the professional instead. Besides, it’s what we do! Not to forget, a bathroom fitter can likely finish the job in half the time, which is especially important if you only have one bathroom in the home; you can’t be without a toilet/shower for weeks on end.

Pricing estimates

Full-scale bathroom refurbishments can be expensive, we recognise that. That’s why it’s so important to budget and understand how much you’re paying beforehand so you’re feasibly able to finish it. This is something that you can’t guarantee when doing it yourself. You might run out of materials, need new tools or something might break and you’ll need to pay for the repair. Avoid these complications and get a quote beforehand from a professional bathroom fitter.


As you’ve likely worked out, bathroom refurbishments can be complicated, not just because of the time and costs that are involved, but also because of the amount of work that goes into creating that perfect finish for the perfect bathroom. Whilst some might argue that DIY is cheaper or hiring a builder to fit all of the parts together that you’ve purchased is both cheaper and easier, we think there are a couple of risks that come with doing this…

-   Builders might miss the smaller details that would be picked up by a bathroom specialist.

-   Whilst you might be able to fit the bathroom together, can you or the builder legally attend to the plumbing system/gas work or would that need to be outsourced?

-   The materials might arrive damaged, leaving it down to you to source replacements, which can take time.

When you hire a professional bathroom fitter they’ll be able to attend to the smaller details, attend to all of the plumbing and gas work with a quality team in place and they’ll be able to source replacements for broken materials. Hire a professional and avoid complications.

Professional bathroom advice

Bathroom fitters have spent years learning their trade and have refurbished bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. If you’re confused with regards to which material looks best, which décor suits the home most appropriately or you’re completely unsure of what you would like in your bathroom, a professional can point you in the right direction and offer some professional advice. Not to forget, you’ll also be able to choose from hundreds of different designs that are readily accessible by the professional to give your bathroom that perfect finish.

If you are in search of a bathroom installer to install a new bathroom in the Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire area, please get in touch. You can fill out our contact form or you can give us a call on 01924614075. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.