Advantages Of Installing A New Boiler

The installation of a new boiler can be expensive, we recognise that. However, we think that the various advantages that come with installing a new boiler can help offset some of that cost, please take a read to find out why.

Improved boiler efficiencies

Each boiler that is manufactured and sold in the UK is rated through the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers Scheme. Each boiler is rated from A to G, where A is deemed the most efficient (<90% efficiency levels) and G is deemed the least efficient (<70% efficiency levels). To put this into perspective, if you have an old G-rated boiler operating at 50% efficiency level, for every £1 you spend on your gas bill, 50p of it is being wasted.
If you were to install a new A-rated boiler operating at 90% efficiency, only 10p would be wasted. Get a new boiler and get it serviced regularly to ensure the efficiency is maintained and you can save some money further down the line.

New boiler guarantee

A large number of boiler manufacturers offer extended guarantees with their boilers. Of course, it is likely necessary to ensure that the boiler is serviced annually, but that has benefits in its own right, as we’ve covered in a previous post. For the sake of being covered for all parts and labour, a yearly service is definitely worth it.

Greater heating control

Roughly 60% of a person’s yearly energy bills are spent on heating the home. Luckily, when accompanied with a new smart thermostat, new boilers come with the ability for much greater heating control, allowing you to pre-set temperatures and control the heating in your home whilst you’re out. Again, you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills with a new boiler.

Faster boiler repair times

Older boilers are slightly more difficult to fix and are particularly difficult to get parts for. Get a new boiler and you’ll have a faster repair time should such a situation ever arise. It also means you can save some money that would otherwise be spent on a costly boiler repair.

Smaller, quieter boilers

Newer boilers are typically smaller and quieter than older boilers, allowing you to make room and concentrate on the more important things in your home. Not to forget, you can now purchase combination boilers, ideal for homes that haven’t got room for storage/header tanks upstairs or in the loft.

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